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Visualize Your Story,
Show it to the World!

Tell Your Story in a Picture Show

We All Have a Story

We’ve all had that remarkable moment in time that changed the course of our lives. 

What’s the story of your remarkable moment?

Where were you? Who were you with? What was happening? Was there a turning point that shifted your perspective, providing deeper insight? And more importantly, did you capture the moment?

Whatever your story is, it’s time to get excited about telling it in a Picture Show!

What They're Saying

Here’s what some others have said about their custom Picture Show:

A powerful tool for an introduction!

As a certified Holistic Cancer Health Coach, it’s important that people understand who I am, my background, and my life experiences, visually. I have found Picture Shows to be a powerful, professional tool, giving the viewer a synopsis of who I am, why I do what I do, and my mission.

Joanna Giangardella
Author, Speaker, and Holistic Cancer Coach

A wonderful way to tell our organization’s story!

Wow, what a wonderful way to tell our organization’s story through pictures! Christine is the epitome of a true creative professional and was our partner in storytelling. She synthesized thousands of photos, themes, and ideas into an easy-flowing, fun, and engaging Picture Show we will proudly showcase. Thank you, Christine, for the enjoyable trip down memory lane!

Yoli Origel
kinds of Picture Shows

What's Your Story?

Breakthrough Stories

Coming of Age Stories

Inspirational Stories

Courageous Stories

Hero Stories

Pivotal Moment Stories

Maybe you have a breakthrough story – a coming of age story – an inspirational story – a courageous story – a Hero’s story when you impacted someone’s life outside of your own? Or maybe it was a pivotal moment when the ordinary became extraordinary! 

Whatever it is, it's time to create a lasting memory in a Picture Show!

Preview Videos

Watch a Picture Show

Joanna's Story

This show was the result of 20 hours of creative production. I organized and curated 40 photos from Joanna in order to tell her life story when she’s introduced as a keynote speaker.

Play Video
A Non-Profit's Story

Have you struggled how to explain and promote your non-profit organization? Why not tell it in a Picture Show? Here’s a 90 second show to get some ideas flowing!

Play Video
My Story

This is the story of how Painting Your Heart came to fruition. It encompasses 5+ years of imagery from workshops with all types of clients. I was challenged to bring these events together into a cohesive vision.

Play Video

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Get to Know Your Picture Show

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Picture Show cost?

You’ll be happy to know every Picture Show is custom! In short, there are two tiers to choose from. Cost is based on the length of the show, amount of photo editing/retouching needed, number of chapters in the story, and revisions or add-ons. A ballpark quote will be provided once the scope of the project is determined. Initial installment due before the project begins.

How long does it take to finish a Picture Show?

It really depends on the story you’d like to tell, which tier you choose, and how timely you provide the project visuals. I’ve learned that it always helps to start with your deadline and work backwards. 

Where and how do I send you original assets? (clips, photos, etc.)

That’s the easy part! All photos and video clips can be delivered/downloaded via WeTransfer. It’s ideal if I receive all visual assets at the beginning of the project to avoid additional fees later on.

How will I receive my Picture Show?

Get the popcorn popping! You’ll receive two high definition Mp4 downloads as well as a link you can share via email, social media or on a website.

What if there are updates to my show?

No worries! You will be billed hourly for additional changes after your Picture Show has been delivered.

Can you do a Picture Show longer than 4 minutes?

Great question! I can create a Picture Show up to twenty minutes long on my current platform. We can talk about it in our initial story consultation.

Are there any additional fees?

Certain add-ons require additional work, such as: image scans, video editing, graphics, voice-over/narration, additional photo inserts, script writing, and custom music. This work is billed hourly.

Do you have more questions?

Great Prices, unforgettable results!

Picture Show Packages

Story Tier 1

2 minutes of memories
(starting at $399)
  • Initial Picture Show Story Consult
  • WeTransfer photo delivery
  • Story sequencing
  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Caption writing/condensing
  • HD Mp4 (2), Video Link
  • Music selection
  • HD Video clip inserts
  • # of Revisions: 1 free / additional paid
  • Length of Show: Up to 2 minutes

Story Tier 2

4 minutes of memories
(starting at $699)
  • Initial Picture Show Story Consult
  • WeTransfer photo delivery
  • Story sequencing
  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Caption writing/condensing
  • HD Mp4 (2), Video Link
  • Music selection
  • HD Video clip inserts
  • # of Revisions: 2 free / additional paid
  • Length of Show: Up to 4 minutes

Ready to start the show?

I'm glad to meet you!

About Christine

Christine Barone

Hi. I’m Christine! I’m a visual storyteller with years of experience in creative production. Over the years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to present a compelling, succinct story based on large collections of visuals. In the process, I honed the skills required to compile, curate, and present these stories in an impactful way using industry-leading technology. And voilà, Picture Shows of Your Life was born!

Let's tell your story together!

get your Show on the road!

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This is YOUR opportunity to reflect, visualize, and show it! 

And don’t fret! If you don’t know your story, I’ll help you find it – one picture at a time!